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Keypad access control systems

Keypad access control systems
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Even in today’s modern times, the tubular lock is the most popular type of locking system based on mere use alone by virtually every home or establishment owner in the world. After all, it is the simplest and most convenient system available at any price range. One would be hard pressed to find a better locking system than this apart from the hassling lock and knob combination we are all familiar with.

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Keypad access locking systemHowever, that in itself is the point of the tubular lock. It is preferred by most people because it gives easy access and security at the same time. Now what if someone needed security more than access? What if there was something so valuable on the other side that not everyone should be granted leeway to possess the same? That’s when access keypads come in. Apart from the people who know the code, nobody would be able to access what’s on the other side of this locking system.

Security unlike any other with access keypads

Since the nature of the keypad access locking system is so secure, not a lot of homes or establishments choose it for their purposes. You only get to see this system at work in banks or other places where there are vaults. There are generally a couple of people who know the code so that in case something happens to one, the other would still be able to get inside the secured room. However, if there was to be a breach, the suspects would immediately just be those who know the code. This is because there can be no other way to open the room except through illegal means. However, that in itself is impractical because banks and similar institutions would know better. If you use a locking system as expensive and effective as one that requires a keypad access control, you’d know enough to cover your bases and construct your lock around stronger materials – something made out of steel or metal perhaps. It should be virtually impossible for people to break into this secure room.

Keypad access systems for Domestic use

Keypad access controls are also used at homes in the form of security boxes or vaults. Unlike banks or other similar establishments that require an entire room to store whatever it is they have to store, most people only require a small space to keep their valuables or important belongings. As such, a small security box with an access pad would be sufficient. In some cases homeowners have unfortunately forgotten the codes to their security boxes and have no way of opening the same. In such cases it is better to inform another trusted member of the family but refrain from writing down the code anywhere.

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