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Vulnerabilities of Transponder Car Keys

Vulnerabilities of Transponder Car Keys
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As automobiles become more sophisticated with impressive navigational and high-tech mechanical systems, two things remain the same. First, all of these cutting-edge vehicles still need a key system of some kind. And, they rely more and more on keyless entry and transponder car keys in particular. Second, with any technological innovation, there are always going to be thieves trying to outsmart deterrents.

Attacks on Transponder Key Use

Vulnerabilities of Transponder Car KeysAs an automotive locksmith would know, a transponder key has a signal emitting that will interact with the vehicle’s computer. The transponder in the ignition key responds to the computer signal with a certain code. If this code isn’t recognised, then the car immobilises. This unlocking of the ignition with a correct code is why auto theft sharply declined when these keys began to be used. But, other car security measures used for keyless entry use a signal outside of the car with a device referred to as a “fob.” 

A chip car key is vulnerable because of the emitting signal. One particular type of transponder, the Hitag2, is widely used and is, arguably, the most susceptible to attacks. Car thieves have found weaknesses as this signal are communicated, which allows them to gain entry. One common assault is called a “jammer attack” or “RF blocking.” What this is, quite simply, is the interruption of the signal between a fob and the vehicle using a device that produces an RF signal itself. The jammer, for example, causes the car not to receive the fob’s signal to lock the doors because of the confusion caused by the other RF signal. 

Car bandits also employ tools that capture signals as they are transmitted between the fob and the auto. Essentially, the signals to lock and then open a vehicle’s doors are picked up. Then, the thieves can wait until the right opportunity to repeat back the transponder key programming, allowing entry and eliminate any break-in repairs.

Ask a Professional Locksmith

An auto locksmith specialises in solving your locked door and other automotive lock and key issues. He or she is sure to be able to offer security advice. You should discuss these potential threats in using the transponder chip key to increase your vehicle’s security.

Keep in mind that today’s automobile lock systems are not absolutely secure. A local locksmith can do more than simply lost car keys replacement or emergency lockout opening. This knowledgeable professional can address your security concerns, too.

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